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Thank you!

Thanks for visiting my first web-site about Vintage Technology.  I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed creating the various pages.  Please let me know what you think by emailing me using the address below.  See the web access log for visitor information.


If you would like to create a back-to-back link then please contact me.

About the Author

My Name is Emil Dudek, I live in South Wales in the UK.  If you are near, then why not email me?

Site Philosophy

I have been fed up with searching for obscure information and getting no results so I aim to put as much on this site as possible,  I have also been involved in information access systems in the past and so have deliberately tried to design this site with bold contrasts, easy-to-read fonts and simple hierarchy.  The site expects you to use your "back" button extensively as I am too lazy to put "return to home" hyperlinks on.

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Emil Dudek
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All emails will be included in a future guest book - unless you state otherwise.  Your email address will not be included unless you specifically request it but your URL will.

Copyright of pictures and scans

Copyright of all pictures by the author is (c) 2001to 2003, Emil Dudek. Under no circumstances can you use these images for re-publication or dissemination by physical or electronic means without prior consent of the author and, when agreed, with reference back to this web site.  The author acknowledges all inherent copyright in scanned images and text of  brochures, boxes, advertisements, articles and cartoons and in no way wishes to infringe existing copyrights, trademarks or articles of intellectual property rights associated with these images.  The author wishes to make clear that use of such material is solely for the study of vintage technology history and is in no way used for commercial gain, personal profit or standing.  If anyone believes that these rights are being violated, or has right cause to object to such usage, the author ensures that communication by email via the address stated below will cause the removal of offending material and the publishing of, via this site, a defined apology.  In such case the author can not accept liability for any costs incurred due to such objection as it can be considered that trace-ability of property ownership be reasonably beyond diligent research results.