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Ultra V470 Table TV


This information from the 1947 catalogue.  You can find out more by viewing the Preliminary Operating Instructions.

Power: AC mains only
Wavebands: One
Controls: Left front; brightness and on/off, Right front; volume.  Right hand side recessed panel; focus, horizontal hold, vertical hold, contrast.
Design: Walnut veneered case with long low look lovely convex front with contrasting bezel. 
Date: 1947.  Price not stipulated, so I presume it wasn't available at the time of the Radiolympia show in 1947.
Manufacturer: Ultra Electric Ltd. Buckingham Gate, London SW1.  Victoria 1686
Features: "A delightfully realistic television receiver, simple to operate. Picture size 7" x 6".  "

This is the first post-war (and only second TV after the T22) that Ultra created.