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Ultra Electronics Ltd: Brochures: Minstrel T611

This bold brochure from 1950 shows the T611 "Minstrel" table radio.  Minstrel was a name to be used throughout the 1950's by Ultra, but this model is one of a few that used Mazda valves rather than Mullard.  Simple two colour (black and red) brochure using the circular design common to Pinnacle valves literature, with a window that I'm sure must be a TV screen. Copy is a bit repetitive - it must use the word "scientific" at least once in every paragraph!

Front cover



inside leftinside right

The Ultra Minstrel
the set with the scientifically shaped cabinet
-shallow from front to rear
The Ultra Minstrel - music at its best
Difficulties overcome
In the Ultra Minstrel you have a set that produces the purest tone you have ever heard.  The difficulties of correct cabinet design have been overcome with the result that those barriers of flat dull tone that used to divide you from reality have been swept away.
Perfection in Tone
In the never-ending struggle to achieve perfection in tone Ultra have taken a great step forward.  For some time it has been a known fact that the best possible reproduction of sound could only come from a set in a cabinet that conformed to certain scientific principles.  The difficulty was to approach as near as possible these ideal proportions. 
Superb Set
Of course, it goes without saying that even with this scientifically shaped cabinet you could not get such results unless the "set" itself is built to the highest electronic engineering standards.  The Ultra Minstrel, we are proud to say, is one if the finest sets we have ever produced and there's no doubt you'll agree.
Beautiful Finish
Quite apart from the wonderful scientific aspect of the Ultra Minstrel, the appearance is something to gloat over.  As so often is the case, a thing that is scientifically designed is particularly pleasing to the eye in its shape.  This is so, and what is more the cabinet is finished in the most beautifully figured walnut - a distinguished addition to a well-furnished room.
21. 13. 4 tax paid takes you a leap ahead in listening