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Ultra Electronics Ltd: Brochures: T491

This subtle brochure from 1947 shows the T491 table radio - a far from subtle design. This early post-war set followed a number of examples by Philips that had top-extruding tuning scales.  One went so far as to have a glass scale sticking out on its own.  Notice the flying bird Ultra logo design, which was to be dropped a year later.

Front page

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Model T491 5 valve 3 waveband superhet
Makes it all come true
Not only is the radio design radical and shocking but the Ultra logo has been turned into a sort of winged mercury.
As soon as you see and hear the Ultra T491you'll realise that this is the set you've always wanted.  The interior of the T491 is the most modern that radio engineering can achieve and it is entirely surrounded (no unsightly back) by a beautifully designed, streamlined plastic cabinet - a handsome addition to the furnishing of any room.  And, of course, this is the set that is so famous for its tone; when you listen to an Ultra T491 you will get a new impression of nearness and realise why people say "Ultra Radio - makes it all come true."

This particular brochure has been dealer-stamped by

KC Wells
Radio & Electrical Sales & Services
High Street

24. 5. 5 tax paid