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Radio Companies: Ultra Electric Ltd, Product Listing

As this file is rather large, I've decided to make it downloadable rather than display it.

The list is presented in an Excel (Version '97) file format which allows you to sort by date / name etc.


To download this file click here
The file is 46K in size.


Please email me if you experience trouble loading this file.
Type: Radio is used for table models, console for floor standing, radiograms and portables are also listed.
Date:  This is the date of first availability.  Many new products were issued in the autumn ready for the Xmas season, it is the year of the autumn that is stated.  Ultra would often issue new products in the early spring to boost an otherwise quiet consumer period.
Price:  Is given in currency of the period without purchase taxes.
Bands: Uses M for medium wave. S for short wave, L for long wave and V for VHF/FM.  In the case of two bands or band spread a double letter i.e. SS or MM is used.
Valves: Valve (or transistor count) includes rectifiers and magic eyes, transistor count does not include diodes.
Circ.: SH for Superhet, TRF for straight.