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Radio Companies: Ultra Electric Ltd: Early 1950's, Rapid Growth and TV





Ultra release the 1950 version of their popular portable, the "Twin 50".  This advert from "The Wireless and Electrical Trader" June 10, 1950 is aimed at selling to the trader; and giving them the bullet points they need to convince their customers.


Share check: Ultra Electric Holdings (5s): 13 May 1950, quite market at 3s 6d. 1 April 1950; 3s 7d.10 June 1950,  holding steady at 3s 7d.  30 September 1950 3s 10d.


Financial News: Consolidated profit and loss account for year ending March 31 1950, shows a net trading profit of 60,642 (loss of 89,689).  Special losses, including closing of overseas branch, total 148,587. Amount provided in previous years 90,000.  Less: profit on realization of freehold premises and other fixed assets 11,560; provisions for taxation and royalties no longer required 4,479; leaves net credit for the year to profit and loss account, 18,144.  Debit balance at March 31, 1949, 166,436.  Net debit balance 148,292.


Prices: November 1950; increased the price of the Leader radio receiver to 21 including tax made necessary by the increase in raw materials.

See the advert

1950 advert for the new
Twin 50 in The Wireless
 and Electrical Trader.


Prices: 4 June 1951:  Increased list prices for their television models:
V720, V721, V722, 52 7s 3d plus tax 23 10s 3d
V7206, V7216, 53 16s 3d plus tax 24 3s 3d
W720, W721, W722, 60 12s 9d plus tax 27 4s 9d
W7206, W7216, 62 1s 9d plus tax 27 17s 9d
Y720, Y721, Y722, 68 18s 6d plus tax 30 19s
Y7206, Y7216, 70 7s 6d plus tax 31 12s
Y730, Y731, Y732, 95 3s plus tax 42 14s 6d
Y306, Y7316, 96 11s 9d plus tax 43 7s 9d


Prices: 29 March 1952:  Reduced the price of their Leader T751 radio model to 17 5s plus tax 7 7s 6d, but have increased the prices of the following television receivers: VA72 Series (standard), 54 6s 10d plus tax 24 8s 2d; VA72 Series (fringe models), 55 15s 10d plus tax 22 1s 2d; YA72 Series (standard), 71 14s 8d plus tax 32 4s 4d; YA72 Series (fringe models), 73 3s 8d plus tax 32 17s 4d.


Prices: 14 April 1953:  General pricing was reduced as a result of the tax reductions in the budget (radio and radiograms 50%, televisions 50%);
Twin 17 17s 0d includes 4 6s 8d tax
Trubador 16 5s 6d includes 3 19s 0d tax
Ultragram 56 6s 9d includes 13 13s 7d tax
V72, V80 series 64 11s 6d includes 16 5s 5d tax
W80 75 12s 0d includes 19 1s 9d tax
W72 89 5s 0d includes 22 9s 10d tax
V84 86 2s 0d includes 21 13s 11d
W84 97 13s 0d includes 24 12s 2d tax
Y84 111 6s 0d includes 28 0s 11d tax
all fringe models add 2.