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 Radio Companies: Ultra Electric Ltd: 1930's, Rapid Growth and Word War II





Harrow road premises was by now  24,000 sq. ft. with a work-force of some 250 people.


First mains receiver produced.


Moved to Chalk Farm premises which housed 600 employees.  Vertical integration continued to the point where 95% of the components were made in-house. Issued exotic named radios called "Tiger", "Panther" and "Blue Fox".  A true Drawing Office was set up although cabinet design was outsourced.  Became known for their low cost base operation, sometimes not fully updating the radio range very year, but merely re-casing it.  They tended to issue a low price model every Spring to boost an otherwise slow time of year.  

New factory: Erskine Road, Chalk Farm, London N.W.3


Moved to bigger new premises in Western Avenue which was 150,000 sq. ft.  The factory had an output capacity of 1,000 sets per day with 1,500 employees.

New factory & Head Office: Western Avenue, Acton, London W3


Like many other radio manufacturers, Ultra turned their production capabilities over to equipment for the war effort.  
They did partake in the manufacture of the Civilian "Utility set" and can be identified by the maker's code of  U10 [2].