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Hit or Miss: H&R Wondergram
What we all want is portable playability.  Battery powered standard portable vinyl record players had been around for some time but were just low power versions of normal record players.  Harris and Russell (this advert is from October 1961) sold this better idea to shrink the player down to its absolute minimum. Hit or Miss, you tell me?

A Precision Record Player
In the Palm of Your Hand

Full-tone reproduction of all 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records - perfect for parties, picnics, barbecues and bedrooms.  Weighs less than 2 lbs. and fits in the pocket!  Completely transistorised to operate on 1.5 volt flashlight batteries.

Listed at 15 gns. + 10% surcharge offered for retail sale at
9 gns. less 33% trade discount.
Brand new in maker's carton with maker's usual guarantee.

Bona Fide Dealers Only
Harris and Russell Ltd.
51 Calthorpe Street
London WC1
TERminus 9122 (PBX)



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