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Hit or Miss: TV Lens
In the 1940's (and very early 1950's) TV screens were still quite small, 12" was leading edge in 1950.  In order to make the image a little more impressive, especially when sat across the room, a number of TV magnifying lenses were available.  Hit or Miss, you tell me?

Magnavista has the answer!

Their Trolley Table with lens incorporated solves the problem 'where to put the set and how to fix the lens'.

Simply designed tubular steel table, with telescopic and swivel Lens adjustment, fitted with large wheels for easy movement.  Finished in polychromatic bronze suitable for 9", 10" and 12" Receivers.  Price 7. 17. 6d (incl. PT).  Magnavista Lenses for this Model at usual list.

There are Magnavista Lenses for all receivers.  Available from good dealers.

Metro Pex Ltd, 38, Great Portland Street, London W1.  King's Heath STN., Birmingham, 14.


Available now is the new Baird plastic magnifying lens for some of the company's receivers.  It is fitted by means of special clips; simply sliding into position as can be seen in the illustration.  Price 4 14s 6d.
From Wireless & Electrical Trader, June 1950.
Television Lens Fires
Once again it is necessary to warn dealers of the possibility of fires being caused through the concentration of the sun's rays by television magnifying lenses on to inflammable materials in shop windows or showrooms.  The current journal of the Fire Protection Association devotes space to this hazard, which is particularly dangerous at week-ends when the shops are closed.  Lenses on display in windows should be backed with a sheet of opaque non-inflammable material, says the journal.
(Extract from "The Wireless and Electrical Trader", September 30th, 1950.)

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