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Hit or Miss: Pifco Foot Massager
Relax and get rid of those stresses from a hectic day: an attractive selling pitch isn't it?  Well, it may not be as recent as you think.  This advert from January 1961 (from Wireless and Electrical Trader) can probably be seen in similar form today. Notice the use of the USA strap line - it must be good because it's popular in America! Hit or Miss, you tell me?

New! Pifco Foot Massager
soothes tired, aching feet!

Foot Massagers are already a great success in the United States of America.  And now, Pifco bring you the very first British model.

Thousands of your customers are on their feet all day.  Many, many of them suffer from tired, aching feet.  Only the Foot Massager can bring them quick relief.  Only the Foot Massager can put the spring back into their steps.  There is only one Foot Massager on sale in the country - the Pifco.  You must have it - order it from your wholesaler today!

1. Correct position for massaging the front arches and toes
2. Here's relief for the long arches and leg muscles
3. Now aches and pains are soothed away from the heel of the foot

The Pifco Foot Massager is supplied for operation on mains supply, A.C. 200-250 volts.  Styled in cream and maroon plastic.  Vibration unit does not interfere with radio or T.V. On-off switch on front panel.  Retail price 84/-.


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