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Hit or Miss: Philco Torch / Radio
Too dark in your room?  Doing your ironing off the light socket above, what better than to use your torch-radio to light the way whilst you listen to the latest music.  This 1956 advert from April (but not the first, I promise you) shows the innovative solution to listening in the dark. The second half-page of this advert shows off two new FM radios. Hit or Miss, you tell me?

Philco Introduce
New 'Torch' Radio

New Philco Torch Portable Radio (Model 3782)
Here is the finest Portable yet seen at the price - a super 3-band Mains/Battery model ... beautiful, powerful, tough!  A receiver for splendid reception outdoors or in.  Run an eye over the brief description.  Note the heavy advertising that's coming.  Then see to your stocks - and ask for full-colour Showcard and Leaflets.

To be introduced in large, imposing advertisements in National Press!

  • Powerful built-in torch

  • 'Non-Breakable' Cabinet

  • Choice of 4 colours

  • Long, Medium and Maritime wavebands

  • AC/DC Mains or Battery operation

  • Sells at 18 guineas (Tax Paid)

I'm going home to my Philco
Famous for Quality the World Over
Philco (Great Britain) Ltd., Romford Rd, Chigwell, Essex.  Tel Hainault 4151

Philco 1956 Advert


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