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Hit or Miss: Garrard Magazine Tape Deck
Reel-to-reel tape recorders had been widely available from the early 1950's but had never become a mass market product.  In order to make this quite complex product more appealing, Garrard invented a "magazine-loading" system for the tapes.  This advert (from October 1960) pictured a woman holding the "cassette", not as a sex-symbol, but a representation of its ease of use.  Remember, in those not so politically correct days, this message of "so easy that even a woman can use it" was still quite common. Hit or Miss, you tell me?

Up to Date Tape Recording

Designed by Garrard to bring quality tape recording and playing within the range of everyone.  Controls reduced to an absolute minimum plus magazine loading - anyone can operate this deck.  No threading, anchoring or spilling of tape.  All the pleasure of tape recording without the headaches.

The Magazine Tape Deck
Only with Garrard

The Garrard Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Factory and Registered Office:
Newcastle Street, Swindon, Wilts
Tel Swindon 5381 Telex44-271


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