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Hit or Miss: Elpico Colour TV Filter

OK, you've got over the initial wow-factor of TV, now you're hungry for the next development.  This advert from December 1951 could be for you.  Can't wait for colour TV - then get the next best thing; the colour filter.  This must have been an adhesive-backed acetate with graduated colour tinting, but I've never seen one.  The top was tinted blue (for the sky); middle was pink (for sunset?); and the bottom green (for grass).  Hit or Miss, you tell me?

Colour Television Viewing

With Colour Filters.
After simple attachment, a pleasing three colour pastel shade picture will appear on any black and white screen.

For 9" or 10" screens.  Retail Price 10s. 9d.
For 12" screens.  Retail Price 12s. 6d.
For 15" or 16" screens.  Retail Price 19s. 6d.

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