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Hit or Miss: Decca Wall Radio
As transistor radios were becoming more and more popular it was up to the designers to think of new ways to sell radios.  No longer were they limited by the bulk of valves and the possible need for mains electricity, the sky was the limit. So, you've already got a radio in your living room and car, so why not have one in the bathroom too? Released in November 1961. Hit or Miss, you tell me?


Now - A Transistor Wall Radio

Transistor radios have become increasingly popular because of their lightness and portability.  Now a new idea in transistor radio receivers is introduced by Decca with a circular wall fixing model.  Similar to a clock in appearance it has a lever for volume control and push-buttons for waveband selection.  The radio has been tested for steam resistance and its performance is said to be unimpaired whether used in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom.  Could this be the start of a new trend in transistor radios?

Decca Wall Radio  in the bathroom

Close-up of Decca Wall Radio

Decca Radio & Television, Ingate Place, Queenstown Road, London, SW8 (Macaulay 6677).
Decca have produced a transistorized radio to go on the wall.  Designated model TPW70, the radio is round in shape.  The radio fixes on the wall in the same manner as an electric clock, by means of a wall bracket.  It is powered by a 6V PP1 battery.  Wavebands 190-555m and 1,140-2,000m.  It has six transistors and a 5in. 25ohm elliptical speaker.  Overall dimensions: 10in. dia by 2in. deep.  Price 18 7s 6d, tax paid.


Hit Maybe Miss