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Hit or Miss: Colour TV
The USA was very early (perhaps too early) into colour TV.  This fascinating snippet from 1950 shows just how early things had started. One problem with all consumer upgrades is how to cope with the masses of older equipment in the market which was incompatible.  Check out this version of the colour TV filter - which is just astonishing!  Hit or Miss, you tell me?

Extract from "The Wireless and Electrical Trader", November 11, 1950

U.S. Starts Colour TV this month

Colour Television operations over the Columbia broadcasting system network will begin in the United States on November 20, Adrian Murphy, vice-president of the system announced last week.  Non-commercial broadcasts in colour would probably be started earlier in New York City only, he said.  Addressing the Radio Executive's Club of New York. Mr. Murphy said the Columbia broadcasting system hoped to have 20 hours of colour television programmes a week on the air by mid-December.

The by no means dignified equipment pictured above is an ordinary American TV receiver fitted with the Columbia colour adaptor and converter which has been approved as the standard colour TV system in the USA.  The handle (right) has three positions - for receiving monochrome transmissions in monochrome, and colour transmissions in either full colour or in monochrome.  The spinning colour disc has red, green and blue segments.

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