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Hit or Miss: Binocular Radio
The start of the transistor age meant that radios could be built smaller than ever before possible.  Novelty radios were starting to become a big hit.  What better than to be able to use your binocular and listen to the radio at the same time?  From Wireless and Electrical Trader, September 1961.  Hit or Miss, you tell me?

Binocular Radio !

Candle Binocular / Radio at £6 5s Set

E. Joyce & Co. (Distributors) Ltd. 
8 Queens Gardens, London, NW4 (Hendon 8028).

Looking for ideas for your Christmas display? A novelty transistor radio receiver suitable as a gift is being imported by E. Joyce & Co. comprising a combined radio and binoculars, Model OTR20.  This company has been appointed sole importers and UK distributors for Candle transistorised products manufactured in Japan.  This model are the first of the range to be introduced and should be available next month.  They are subject to a 33 1/3 per cent trade discount. 

The 4 power, 35mm centre focusing binoculars with optically ground glass lenses are combined with a two-transistor radio with earphone jack for personal listening only.  They measure 4½in sq by 4½ overall and are suitable for sports events.  Polished cowhide carrying case with shoulder strap and wire aerial strap are supplied.  It operates from a 9V PP3 battery.  Price £12 15s, including tax.


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