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Play the game of Hit or Miss !
Try and guess if these particular innovations in Vintage Technology have become successful "Hits" or dismal "Misses". 

Please close the "answer" window before making another choice.
Click for Eumig Hybrid Click for Pifco foot massager Click for Garrard cassette Click to guess about the TV lens
Eumig hybrid Philco foot massager Garrard cassette Binocular Radio TV Lens
Click for Pay-TV Click for Decca wall radio Click for Wondergram Click for the remote control Click to see the Boilette
Choiceview Pay-TV Decca wall radio H&R Wondergram The Remote Control Hawkins Boilette

Hot or Miss Philco
Mushroom Iron Elpico Colour TV Filter Battenberg & Co Thermakozy Columbia Colour TV Philco Torch-radio