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History:  Wages for Engineers
 This fascinating snippet from "The Wireless and Electrical Trader", 31 March 1951 shows just how much one had to work to afford a TV or radio in 1951 - even for such a skilled trade as TV Servicing.  Today's average 35 hour working week and 26 days holiday seem a luxury.  For more information on the currency of the day see the entry in the glossary.


New Wages Rates for Service Engineers
Increases Effective in April (1951)

At a recent meeting of the Joint Standing Committee of the Radio Service Trade, agreement was reached on a number of amendments to the wages agreement.  Main alterations were in the minimum rates.  From the first pay day in April, minimum rates will be as follows;


Service Engineers (over 21) 

Engineers on Trade Register
Holders of Certificate "B" 
Holders of Certificate "A" 
Holders of TV Certificate 

per week
5 10s 0d

6 13s 6d
6 18s 6d
7 3s 6d

These rates show an increase of 5s. per week for service engineers and 6s per week for engineers on the trade register.  Other amendments reduce the weekly hours from 47 to 46, and provide for twelve working days holiday per annum instead of six.
The full text of the agreement will be issued shortly, state H.A. Curtis and H. Hill, joint secretaries of the Joint Standing Committee.