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History:  First Count of Shops in Wales
In 1952 the Board of Trade published the first ever survey of shops in Great Britain.  The extract below shows the number of vintage technology related shops in the Welsh area of Britain.  The information covers May to October, 1950 and the full report was available for 3s 6d.  This list contains "Electrical Goods" (appliances, accessories and fittings, radio, television, or a combination of these with sale of cycles) and "Furniture and Music" (furniture, carpets, linoleum, gramophones, records, pianos and musical instruments). 
The total number of shops in Great Britain was 551,214 - one for every 89 people (compared to 131 people in the USA and 107 in Canada).  Grocers and dairy shops formed the biggest count, followed by restaurants and cafes, women and children's wear, confectioners and tobacconists, butchers and hairdressers.


Counties Electrical Goods Furniture and Music Population
Brecknockshire and Radnorshire 16 17 76,830
Caernarvonshire and Anglesey 66 44 173,884
Carmarthenshire 52 39 171,730
Denbighshire 58 53 169,686
Flintshire 41 35 145,080
Glamorganshire 273 294 1,204,790
Monmouthshire 90 99 426,940
Montgomeryshire and Merionethshire 18 16 86,380
Pembrokeshire and Cardinganshire 38 45 143,880
Total 562 542 2,172,260