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History:  The First British Portable Transistor Radio - the Pam 710
This historic article from "The Wireless and Electrical Trader", 10 March 1956 covers the very first British portable transistor radio.  Priced at roughly a month's wage, this high-specification radio was a luxury item, to be enjoyed by the wealthy few.


Pam Transistor Portable

Pam (Radio & Television), Ltd., 295 Regent Street, London W1.

The first British all-transistor radio to go into production was announced last week:  it is the Pam Model 710 portable and is due to be available at the end of the month at a retail price of 30 gns.  The set uses transistors manufactured within the Pye group, and also a printed circuit; the power supply is four U2 torch cells.

Brief Specification:
Model 710 - Radio, portable, battery, 2 bands, 8 transistors.  Waverange: 176-568m and fixed tuned 1500m.  Ferrite rod aerial.  Transistor stages: mixer, oscillator, 2 IF, detector, AF, 2 output in push-pull.  IF 315 kc/s, AGC on first IF stage.  6 by 4in elliptical LS.  Controls; tuning, wave-change, volume, on/off.  Consumption: 35mA from 6V supply.  Dimensions: 9¼ by 3½ by 7¼in.  Weight: 4lb 2oz without, 5lb with batteries.  List price £22 14s 10d, plus £8 15s 3d tax.  Available end of March (1956)

Pam Transistor advert March 1956 This March 1956 advertisement from the "Wireless and Electrical Trader" magazine declares British radio history!

Pam has made Radio History...
with Britain's FIRST transistor Radio

  • Sensational running economy
  • Absolute reliability
  • Outstanding sturdiness
  • No valve replacements
  • Printed circuit
  • Magnificent cabinet

Pam (Radio & Television) Ltd., 295 Regent Street, London W1.  Telephone LANgham 7246.

In June 1956 this advertisement from the "Wireless and Electrical Trader" magazine shows the transistor portable alongside two valve portables; the Pixie I and II.

Go places with Pam
Britain's Most Wanted Portables.

Pam (Radio & Television) Ltd., 295 Regent Street, London W1.  Telephone LANgham 7246.

Pam Transistor advert June 1956