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Transporting Vintage Technology (Makers)
All these radios, televisions and radiograms had to be moved around the country, so what better way than use the latest van specifically designed for your radio business - or so they said!

The 10 cwt van with the 150 cubic feet capacity!
[From a trader advert in February 1953]
Here's a van with exceptional carrying capacity and highly accessible loading.  Powered by a sturdy 4-cyl. engine of simple, reliable design, it is an investment that adds profit and prestige to any business.
Note the generous rear capacity, 150 cubic feet, with sliding door entry from either side and wide-opening rear doors, giving speedy deliveries and a quick-get-away.

Express delivery van

Morris Commercial Cars Ltd., Adderley Park, Birmingham, 8.
Overseas Business: Nuffield Exports Ltd., Oxford and 41, Piccadilly, London W1.

Morris Van 1953

The "Little Horse" Offers Economy Transport for the Retailer
Designed to provide small businesses with a lightweight utility vehicle with the lowest possible running costs (about 3.2d per mile all in), the "Little Horse" van is now being produced by Jarc Motors, Ltd., 292 Worton Road, Isleworth.  Distributors are Two-Strokes, Ltd., Stanmore Hill, Stanmore, Middx.
It is a 4-wheel vehicle which may well interest radio retailers for local deliveries and, more particularly, for the use of outside service engineers. The payload is 3 cwt and the rear floor is 39in long and 41in wide; height above the rear floor 29in.  The rear door which hinges upwards, is 41in wide by 23in high.  The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 9ft long, 55in high and 52in wide.
The engine is 250cc air-cooled Excelsior Talisman Twin situated amidships and driving through a Burman 3-speed and reverse gearbox.  All four wheels are independently sprung and have Girling hydraulic brakes.  Starting, charging and ignition is by Siba Dynastart 12V coil system, with Varley compressed plate batteries.  Average petrol consumption 65 mpg.  Maximum speed 48 mph (cruising, 38 mph with full load).

One of the interesting claims made for the Little Horse is that any major unit can be dismantled from the chassis in 30 minutes, and the engine can be decarbonized within one hour.  The body panels are of light allow and there are only six greasing points.  The vehicle lists at 347 16s, with one seat (ex-works, Iselworth).  A brochure giving further details is available. [December 1955]

Up go the Profits Down go the Costs ... with Thames Vans on the job
The Thames 5 ctw Van
The versatile Thames 5 cwt. is the smartest looking and lowest priced Van in its class.  The sleek all-steel body is built to stay smart during a long, hard working life ... Ford 'Glide-Ride' front suspension ensures safety for the most fragile load ... ample floor space and low loading height help the driver to avoid fatigue and work faster ... All round Ford economy makes certain of considerable savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

The Thames 7 cwt Van
A de Luxe Van that adds a prestige-winning "plus" to every business.  The Thames 7 cwt. combines extra load capacity with all these additional features ....
  • Extra strength rear springs
  • Lever type double-acting rear shock absorbers
  • Twin windscreen wipers
  • Chromium plated front and rear bumpers and headlamp surrounds

Ask your dealer for an "on the job" Demonstration today.
Ford Products - a credit to your business
Ford Motor Company Ltd. Dagenham
[February 1956]

The Thames 10 cwt Van
"Our experience, as fleet users of your vans, is of their reliability, low running costs and adequate carrying capacity"
Says Mr. V. H. Ross (Secretary to Fleet Electrics Ltd.)
With owners and drivers Thames 10 cwt. Vans have earned a reputation for reliability under all conditions.  Owners like them because of their low initial outlay, their low running and maintenance costs, and the incomparable "after sales" service.  Drivers prefer them because of their ease of handling, their ability to stand up to really hard work, their fine performance and their safety under all conditions.
[June 1956]

Ford Thames 10 cwt van

The Thames 10 cwt Van
"We buy them because of their ability to stand up to hard work, their low initial cost, their dependability and, of course, the renowned Ford Service"
(Says Mr. C. F. Elms, General Manager of London Rediffusion Service Ltd)
[Same advert text used in June 1956]
[July 1956]

The Thames 10 cwt Van
"We have always used your Vans for Television aerial installation work.  The low initial cost, economy of operation, and general reliability, are all of great assistance to us in maintaining an efficient service to the Radio Trade"
(Says Mr. R. J. Slater, Managing Director of Antiference Installations Limited) (London)
[Same advert text used in June 1956]
[November 1956]

The Thames 10 cwt Van
"The spacious body and low running cost of the 10 cwt. are ideal for our trade.  Consequently, we operate 150 of them on the installation or radio and television sets throughout the United Kingdom"
(Says Mr. G. Keeley, A.M.I.M.I, Transport Manager for Radio Rentals Limited)
[Same advert text used in June 1956]
[December 1956]

New look... new features... for Britain's No.1 Light Van
Better value... Better service... Better Buy Bedford

New one piece curved windscreen.  New smart front appearance and new radiator grille.  New combined parking lamps and wide-arc flashers.  New easy-to-see rear flashers at waist level.  New long-life seals for front external sliding doors.  New full-width rear safety bumper available as low cost optional extra.  Plus many other recent developments on Bedford vans, notably the 5-coat anti-corrosion primer finish, and optional choice of 4 factory finished body colours for only 12. 10. 0 extra.
Facts.  Since its introduction seven years ago, more Bedford vans have been built - over 110,000 to be exact - than any other British van.  In other words, people who use vans prefer Bedford!

10/12 cwt. van 445 plus 76. 2. 2. PT.  15 cwt. van 452. 1. 0 plus 77. 10. 11 PT.  Prices include front and rear flashers and spare wheel and tyre.
[January 1959]