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Transporting Vintage Technology (1950 - 1955)
All these radios, televisions and radiograms had to be moved around the country, so what better way to advertise your wares on the road than to spruce up the old delivery van.  Here are some great reminders of vintage technology vans.

Alba delivery vans have been decorated in a new style carrying a bold advertisement in bright colours, the main theme being in blue, red and white, with sets illustrated in actual colours.  A. J. Balcombe Ltd. are satisfied that the change has resulted in greatly increased "readership value."  Drivers say that when stopping to make deliveries, especially with television in the Midlands, people actually gather round the vans, obviously fully absorbing the message.
[June 1950]

Alba delivery van

This smart van is the latest addition to the small fleet of vehicles run by Ketts Radio, radio and television retailers, of Spring Grove Corner, London Road, Iselworth.
[December 1950]

Van Ketts Radio

This specially constructed Diesel van, which Sobell Industries Ltd. have just put into service, is designed to transport safely loads of up to 200 television receivers on a double deck arrangement.  It is hoped that it will materially assist in ensuring speedy deliveries.
[May 1951]

Sobell Van 1951

This image is clipped from a "Downes & Davies Ltd." advert who appear to have specialised in the delivery of electrical goods for those that couldn't afford their own vans.  Dependable Delivery was the theme with depots at Manchester (Deansgate 5627), Carlisle (Tel 631), Workington (Tel 139) and Birkenhead (Tel 4340-1) and head office in Liverpool (CENtral 5491).
[June 1952]

Downes & Davies Vans

Pictured left is the Dimplex 8-ton Leyland lorry with Luton body which has just been sign-written in an attractive and striking style. On the sides of the van are 6ft high coloured illustrations of a Dimplex water radiator.  These illustrations appear against a dark blue background and lettering is in red, gold leaf, and dark white.
[September 1952]

Dimplex van