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History: Vintage Technology snippets in the South Wales area of the UK 1960
Various bits of information about radio, TV, home electrical goods and events and companies in the South Wales area.   If you have any personal memories of these events or establishments - please let me know.


Television Service for Wales Discussed (February 1960)
Mr. Henry Brooke, Minister for Welsh Affairs, Mr. J. R. Bevins, Postmaster-General, and Lord Brecon, Minister of State for Welsh Affairs, had a discussion last week with members of the Continuation Committee of the National Conference on Television for Wales which met in Cardiff last autumn.
The committee had sent to the Ministers a detailed memorandum on the practical possibilities of providing a television service, partly in Welsh and partly in English, designed particularly for Wales.  The Ministers assured the committee that they all fully appreciated the desire in Wales for a television service intended primarily for Welsh viewers.
The committee indicated that its aspiration was to see television provided in the Welsh language for Welsh-speaking viewers at peak viewing hours, while ensuring for English-speaking viewers the opportunity to watch English-language programmes with a Welsh outlook.
The various problems entailed in securing this were discussed, and the technical difficulties seen by the Post Office in the plans suggested in the committee's memorandum were explained.
The committee said that they would like to examine these technical arguments further, and the Ministers promised to furnish a technical memorandum.  The Postmaster-General repeated the assurance given last year that he would be glad to arrange a meeting between Welsh scientists and his technical experts.
Finally, the Ministers invited the committee to let them know if they would like a further meeting.
Wales & Mon Radio Social Club (June 1960)
The annual treasure hunt took place on June 16, 1960 when about 120 trade members, their wives and friends, in about 30 cars, followed a mystery route guided only by rhyming clues, through the Vale of Glamorgan to finish at the Duke Hotel, Cowbridge, for a ham and egg supper.  The team prize for the highest marks was taken by a team from Roath Radio & Television Co., of Cardiff and the Members Shield, competed for annually, was won by John Owen (Philips representative) who also received a silver tankard.  This highly successful event was organized by T.M. Black (Bush) and C.J. Howard (Thompson, Diamond & Butcher).

Pam Launch Big ITV Promotion on TWW (July 1960)
(Ninety 15-second Spots in 10 Weeks)
Pam (Radio & Television) Ltd., recently inaugurated a large-scale television advertising campaign in South Wales and the West of England from the TWW studios.
Using 15-second spots, the advertisement will appear 90 times during the next ten weeks.  The advertising is featuring the new super slim TV receivers recently released in the South Wales market.
To launch this campaign, Pam invited dealers in the area to a cocktail party in the TWW studios on July 3rd 1960 and attendance was extremely gratifying, as 103 dealers and their wives attended this function.
The meeting was addressed by N.A. Twemlow, MBE, managing Director of Pam, Stanley Leach, sales controller for TWW and also Leslie Parish, group sales manager for Granada.
During the cocktail party a preview of the 15-second film was shown the dealers on the studio monitors and afterwards dealers were taken round the studios on conducted tours. For many of them the novelty of being in the actual studios was considered the highlight of the party.

J.R. Whatley, advertising manager for Pam and (left) Leslie Parish, group sales manager for Granada, discussing on e of the new super slim TV models on display.

Rediffusion Acquire Mid-Glamorgan Relay Services Ltd (November 1960)
The directors announced that the interests of all their subscribers and staff will best be served by becoming part of the Rediffusion organization.  The companies involved in this transaction with the Rediffusion group, which has now acquired their share capital, are: Mid-Glamorgan Relay Services Ltd., Bridgend Relay Service Ltd., Ogmore & Garw Radio Ltd., The Merlin Radio & Television Relay Service Ltd., and Afan Valley Relay Service Ltd.
These companies operate wired television services, wired sound services, a vision aerial rental business, a record library department and also are agents for various companies including Philips, Ekco, Ferranti and Pye.