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Ericsson Headphones

Ericsson headphones in original box from the early 1930's.  What ugly and uncomfortable things they are.  Made from steel with bakelite ear covers, these sit awfully on the head and the ear pieces don't appear to be designed for humans.

This type of headphone was typical in the early wireless days, either for crystal sets or (one or two) valve sets without output stages to drive a loudspeaker.

Very unusual to find a mint condition set in the original box - boy, was I lucky!  Does anyone know more about this company?

I'm not sure what the orange and black design is supposed to represent behind the Ericsson logo, though it's quite nice.

These images have been heavily processed and the side picture is probably more representative of the original red colour used.

The 4000 ohm resistance was actually 2000 ohm per earpiece as they were wired in series.

British Ericsson's
Beeston, Nottinghamshire
Type No. 0/716