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Vintage Technology Cartoons
Home entertainment products were important focal points of the family, expensive purchases, sometimes hard to understand and often unreliable, no wonder then that they were often the subject of cartoons.  Have a giggle at these examples;

Cartoon 1953

Cartton 1953

1953 cartoon

From May 1953 "Electrical and Radio Trading" CLEW

"You don't have to tell me, Sir.  Your CR tube has slipped."

From May 1953 "Electrical and Radio Trading" CLEW

"Have you got a pop-up toaster with a weaker spring?"

From February 1953 "Electrical and Radio Trading" Smythe

"It does this every time I switch over to the Light Programme"


Cartoon 1953

These two cartoons from February 1953 "Electrical and Radio Trading" are placed on the contents page to a sixteen-page special section on tape recorders and accessories.

Tape recorders were about to emerge from their niche and professional markets into the general public.

No artist credit.

Cartoon 1953

"I've gone home to mother, and this is why you big - " "A beautiful dictation machine, and light enough for the lap!"