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Calculators: Handheld: Prinztronic Program

Size (approx): 76.3mm x 144.7mm x 32.6mm (max)  (w,h,d)
Weight 148g excluding batteries.
Power: 6V DC, 4 x AA size battery.  Also accepts an adaptor (6V 100mA, centre positive).  The socket is on the right side in line with the logo-line.  The instruction state that you must remove disposable batteries before inserting an adaptor.
Case: Solid but slightly squeaky two-piece smooth plastic case.  Black matt base and (originally) white glossy upper half.  A metallic keyboard surround has been printed black and yellow with reversed out text and logo.   A red display filter is tilted at about 25 degrees and is heavily inset.  Buttons are short-travel with a positive click.
Display: 8 digit red LED with a ninth digit for negative and error indicators
Features: Four function with percentages, change sign, square root, trig functions, log functions, pi, register exchange, powers, squares, reciprocal, degree-radian conversion, four-function memory and battery save function.  Programmable mode:- 102 steps. Full Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)
Age: c1975
Manufacturer: Prinztronic, made in Taiwan.  Inside battery compartment sticker states serial number 987032.
Comments: Ground-breaking programmable calculator that looks to have been made by Qualitron ,and is probably a badged version of their 1421 model.   The logic is severely let down by lack of scientific display mode and only one memory.  

Components: Not examined, but the IC is National Semiconductor.
Construction: Remove the two screws from inside the battery compartment.  There is a third screw underneath the rear label which is impossible to remove without damage.  

Logic comments: The display is left leading rather than the more contemporary right leading
(C) clears the calculator whilst (CF) clears the function selection
Input overflow is suppressed, inputting a ninth digit is ignored
Negative numbers are represented by a minus sign in the far left (ninth) digit thereby allowing full eight digit negative numbers
Overflows and errors result in the display showing "." which is nor recoverable
Untested for bugs
The logic is true RPN: i.e. to do 3x2 key in (3)(Enter)(2)(X)
After about 20 seconds, the battery save function kicks in and the display resorts to ".........", to recall the display press (+/-) twice

The manual measures 115mm by 175mm and is 36 pages in total.  The cover is red and black whilst the pages are black only.

Sizeable manual which is needed for a programmable calculator.  However, as it is RPN, it takes over six pages to introduce you to the stack and memory registers - so you can do basic sums.

"Dixons, made in Taiwan."

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