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Calculators: Handheld: MD2 888m (type I)

Size (approx): 68mm (max) x 114mm x 23mm (max)  (w,h,d)
Weight 82g excluding batteries


9V DC, 1 x PP3 size battery.  It does not accept an adapter.  The on/off switch is on the left hand side in line with the logo.
Case: Two piece dark brown and beige matt plastic with a matching dark brown plastic keyboard surround. An oversized red plastic display filter has a raised recess containing a black printed metallic sticker.  The area directly over the display is tilted and concave for added magnification.  The small keys are short travel with a pronounced click.
.Display: 8 digit red LED with bubble lens but no ninth digit
Features: 4 function calculator with percentages and two function memory
Age: 1976
Manufacturer: No details except for a reference in the manual for servicing of Laltext & Co. Ltd (Calculator Division), PO Box 98, Manchester.    Serial No. in battery compartment  is 161713.  Made in Singapore.


For a cheap no-name calculator this is compact and quite sturdy compared to most.  The logic is let down by seven digit negative numbers and the pseudo fixed decimal bug.  There are two versions of this model with differing keys: see MD2 888m type II. I don't think it originally came with a cover as my boxed example has a bubble-wrap pouch.

Components: 1 x cpu: IEE RC50 WW20 40 pin DIL, 0.6" width black plastic
1 x 8 digit bubble lens LED display unit; HP 6.03 made in Singapore.
1 x capacitor
2 x resistors
Boards: The keyboard unit is self contained and glued into the case as far as I can tell.  It is connected to the main board (Ref: U202) with 12 strong copper wires. 
Construction: Remove the two screws from the back and the rear hinges off from the bottom easily. 

Logic comments: The (CE) button is used to clear last entry of a number and a second time to clear the whole calculator.

Overflow on number input is suppressed ? keying in a ninth digit is ignored

There is automatic constant on all functions
Negative numbers are shown by a "-" in the immediate left hand digit.  As there is no ninth digit you are limited to seven digit negative numbers.
An overflow shows the result and all decimals points alight and recoverable using (CE)
Divide by zero results in "" which is also recoverable using (CE)
There is no indication of memory store - you have to remember it. 
To zero the memory key in (0)(MS)
It suffers the pseudo fixed decimal bug: key in (1)(+)(.)(0)(0)(0)(=) to give ?1.000? which remains a fixed three digit number until more are needed or you use multiply or divide.


The box on the left measures 145mm x 80mm and is 32mm deep.  It is printed in a lively blue, orange and yellow scheme with the model number on the top flap.  Made in Singapore.


The manual to the left is possibly as basic as you can get.  Measuring 120mm x 75mm it is a four page one-colour black manual.  It have very basic instructions and no reference numbers or origin information.