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Calculators: Handheld: Casio LCD FX-7000G

(c) Emil Dudek 2011

(c) Emil Dudek 2011

Size (actual):

83.5mm x 167mm x 14mm (max)  (w,h,d)
Weight 155.5g including batteries.
Power: 9.0V DC, 3 x CR2032C Lithium, 0.07W.  It does not accept an adaptor.   Battery life is quoted at 120 hours.  The on/off switch is on the left hand side, midway up. Access to the battery compartment is by removing two screws on the rear and then sliding an internal battery door open.

Smooth black plastic case with full-size metal panel on the rear.  The front has a large metal panel around the keys with labels printed in orange, green, blue, red and black. A large clear plastic section covers the large display and is under-printed for the name and logo and mode reminders. Typical Casio keys are squishy but positive with individual plastic escutcheons.

Display: Straight LCD dot matrix display digit capable of 16 character, 8 line display or 95x63 matrix for graphs.  Adjustable contrast.
Features: Four standard functions, square root, squares, reciprocal, factorial, pi, powers, nth root, cubed root, trigs, hyperbolic, statistics functions, logs, sexagesimal conversion, sexagesimal display (DMS/HMS), binary/octal/hexadecimal, conversions, coordinate transformations, random numbers, absolute values, DRG, fractions, integers, eight level parenthesis, 26-78 non-volatile memories, internal 13 digit mantissa, fixed decimal, relational operators, Boolean operators, graph plotting, (with trace, line, factor functions), full alphanumeric input and storage.  Programmable mode (10 programmes 422 steps).  True algebraic (formulaic) input with deletion, insertion etc. Additional inset reset switch on the rear.
Age: 1985
Manufacturer: Casio Computer Co. Ltd., made in Japan. Serial number unknown.
Comments: An amazing leap forward for Casio: their 1st generation graphing programmable caused quite a stir at the time.  Perfect for techies as you have to spend hours just studying the keyboard as there are so many functions.  Bit short of memory but definitely not short of functions. Also the last of the straight slim designs before they went to the ugly organically shaped ones.  Excellent, but the display needs a bright working area and it eats batteries.

(c) Emil Dudek 2011

The Owner's Manual (or rather, book) measures approximately 148mm by 210mm and has 204 printed black and white pages.  It is in American-English only and has loads of instructions and examples which are easy to locate and understand.  

54 pages alone are devoted to the programme library.

SH0715073C Printed in Japan.