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Calculators: Handheld: House of Fraser 8F (made by Rockwell)

Size (approx):

74mm (max) x 150mm x 22mm (max)  (w,h,d)
Weight 122g excluding  batteries.

Power: 9.0V DC, 1xPP3 size.  Also accepts adaptor (not defined) on top side:- on the left.
Case: Mixture of smooth and stippled matt dark blue plastic.  Raised and white painted button labels and House of Fraser logo overprinted on red LED plastic filter.  Quite modern in appearance compared to the contemporary Rockwell calculators.  Futuristic font used for the button labels makes this a loveable calculator.  On/off sliding switch is on the left side:- in the middle.  Buttons are proud lozenge-shape just like the brown Rockwell's.  Supplied with a black plastic padded case with tuck-in flap which looks quite expensive.
Display: 8 digit red LED with bubble lens.
Features: Basic four function with percentages
Age: 1975
Manufacturer: Manufactured for House of Fraser by Rockwell International.  Assembled in the United Kingdom.
Comments: Rockwell made a series of calculators for the House of Fraser that were of similar design.  Quite difficult to use as the "equals" button is not at the bottom right. Sound logic only let down by the seven digit negative numbers but the display is clear and wide angle viewing.   Buttons have long travel and positive click.  This is a remodelled Rockwell 8R.

Components: 1 x cpu: Rockwell B5000PA 7538 (date code week 38 of 1975) 42 pin staggered DIL
1 x 8 digit LED bubble lens display
2 x capacitors
2 x resistors
Boards: The main cpu board (Ref B20167D67-03) is joined to the keyboard assembly via 9 stiff wires that sit in strip plug connectors.
Construction: Case is opened by two Philip's screws on the back, then gently prize the back off, hinging the top.  Remove the main board by levering out the plastic plug and prizing the board connectors apart - be careful not to bend the main board too much.

Logic comments: Clear entry (CE/C) clears the last number entered but is also used to recover from overflow or error.  A second press will clear the calculator.
Overflow on the input of a number is suppressed - typing in a ninth digit is ignored
The constant function is automatic for all operators
The negative sign is to the immediate left of a number, hence you can only get seven digit negative numbers
On error all eight digits have their decimal point LED alight, the number stays intact, allowing recovery
To correct an erroneous operator press [1] for X or / , or [0] for + or -, obvious really !