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Calculators: Handheld: Commodore P50

Size (approx): 80mm (max) x 150mm x 31mm (max)  (w,h,d)
Weight 124g excluding batteries


9V DC, 1xPP3 size battery.  Also accepts adapters DC-505, 707, 708 or 709 through top end socket in the middle.
Case: Two-piece stippled brown plastic case with chrome painted trim and logo (worn off on this example).  Buttons in Chocolate brown, light brown beige and white are an unusual departure from the normal commodore primary colours. Button are engraved and fill-painted in white or dark brown and loose but click positive enough.  Bulge in the middle design with a squeaky case.  A button monster!
Display: 14 digit red LED with bubble lens
Features: Full trig (in degree radians and grads) and log functions, factorial, root, square, inverse, multiple memory, exponential numbers, pi and programme controls.
Age: 197?
Manufacturer: Commodore Electronic Calculators.  Made in Hong Kong.  Serial No. 63947.  201450-04.


With 49 keys is this a button monster or what!  The P prefix of this period indicates a "programmable model" one of only two from Commodore. Perhaps the "50" is the number of functions. This is one serious calculator


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