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Calculators: Handheld: Commodore Minuteman 6

Size (approx): 64mm x 192mm x 12-30mm   (w,h,d)
Weight 80g excluding batteries


9.0V DC (0.08A) from a PP3 sized battery and no adapter socket.
Case: Tiny but deep palm-sized mini-calculator, no doubt aimed at the "handbag market".  Heavily sloped design as the top end is deep enough to accommodate the 9V battery.  One piece plastic case in smooth black plastic with full front aluminium panel wrapped around all four edges.  Black sculptured keyboard surround and the familiar tricolour key colours.  They keys are very squishy but work well enough.  Painted metal strip with logo sits in its own recess. The on/off switch has a third position for "$" financial input and sits on the top side in the middle.
Display: 6 digit LED with no lens with no seventh digit.
Features: Four function with witched financial input mode.
Age: 1974
Manufacturer: Made in Japan.  Serial No. 95563


Lovely flat dotted LED display and lovely tiny calculator for its era.  Basic functions and low-digit display make it useful for doing the shopping add-up.  Archaic "function =" system is a pain.

Construction: I cannot find a way to open this calculator and do not want to damage such a lovely example.

Logic comments: (C) cancels an incorrect numerical entry, pressing a second time clears the calculator
There is no "rest on switch on" you get garbage on the display which needs to be cleared.
There is no input overflow suppression, typing in a seventh digit result in error which is not recoverable
Divide by zero shows "EEEEEE" which is not recoverable
Overflow  results in "E00000" (or "EE0000" for negative) and is not recoverable
The third position ("$") of the on/off switch allows financial mode so that inputting (4)(5)(6) result in 4.56
There is automatic (of a sort with this type of function button) constant on all functions