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Vintage Technology: Bric-a-brac
This is where you are going to see some obscure (and tenuous) items which are linked to the Vintage Technology theme.  Got something that would be ideal for this page?  Let me know and I'd love to put it on.

Click here to see cigarette cards

Cigarette cards from 1927 are unbelievable.  Here are three from the Household Hints series that are still useful today.

Click to see the Valve Tool

Valve pin aligner and extractor from the early 1950's made by Belling & Lee Ltd was a pretty handy tool.

Cossor Station wheel

Cossor Station Wheel a handy guide to the myriad of radio stations in the 1930's.

Click for plugs and sockets

Electricity from above is a fascinating reminder of how  people powered their appliances.

Promotional Blotter from Mazda in 1915, advertising the Drawn Wire Electric Lamps.

Radio Celebrities cigarette cards from 1934

Click here to see radio voltmeters

Radio voltmeters are the most dangerous looking high-voltage measuring device I have ever seen. 

Headphones from the early days of wireless - couldn't afford an output stage or a loudspeaker?

Cartoons using the vintage technology theme

Aerial insulators made from porcelain were once a common item in the 1920's and 1930's.  How were they used?

Electrical Components, in original boxes, mostly from the 1920's

Test Cards from the early days of TV transmissions.

Post cards

Post cards that cover VT in the twentieth century


Microphones were pieces of major design in their own right

Odd Photographic bric-a-brac that you may remember.